Remote Control is a big chapter of our boats and that is why we give big emphasis. After research, we equip our bait boats with 2.4GHz radio controls with up of 800m of range and offer ultimate safety with no risk of interference!

Aigaio RCB is now an official partner of TOSLON for Greece and Cyprus! AIGAIO RCB, in collaboration with TOSLON, a pioneer of wireless fish finders and 3D sonars and underwater mapping, now provides the opportunity to acquire, with best prices, the models that you need and go your hobby and your business to highest level

What makes our boats stand out from the rest bait boats of the market is the patented (Greek manufactured) digital control unit GPSf which offers the ultimate safety against the loss of the boat. The new unit is now the standard equipment of all models of AIGAIO RCB bait boats.