P3 Aegean GPSF - HydroGraphic Boat.


AIGAIO RCB, in collaboration with a wireless sonar construction company, presents the first remote-controlled hydrographic and Reef data logging RC boat in Greece. P3 Aegean GPSF - HydroGraphic Boat is a real-time bottom 3D mapping boat. Also, operator has the capability to see all hydrographic data that the boat sent to the shore in real time.

A valuable tool for the professional who needs to do the sea bottom mapping with low cost. The boat cruising time reaches 1 hour with the possibility of increasing to 2 hours! The maximum range of the sonar reaches 300 meters and the maximum depth in salt water, 60 meters!

Also, the boat is equipped with an automatic return to shore system via the GPSf and battery status control system, thus eliminating the risk of losing it.


Price: 2400 € (+ VAT)

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F3 Aegean GPS

F3 Aegean GPSf is the "small" of the series and the replacement of the old P3 Ionian. With length of 90 cm and a width of 30 cm is the boat that will not hinder the user during transport. Fast rollback after rollback is one of its benefits! Like the other boats of the series,  F3 is made by the same materials as the only difference is the hull disign.

Price with full equipment: 700 € (+ VAT)

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P1 Aegean ZPgps

In AIGAIO RCB we never stop to improving! Within this development, we created the P1 Aegean ZPgps. A boat, which reflects the development of AIGAIO RCB over the last ten years. P1 Aegean ZPgps hull was designed and built entirely by AIGAIO RCB provide speed and battery economy at the same time !! All the best parts are in this bait boat. Automatic return to beach with GPSf, battery control system, motor temperature control, internal humidity control, telemetry, 3200 watt motor, water cooling control system, UBEC 8 Amper, metall gear servos, LiPo 20000mAh batteries, are some of the parts of P1 Aegean ZPgps. What makes the P1 Aegean ZPgps stand out is the closed propulsion system, which is designed so that the boat can sail even on seaweed, floating trash, lines, etc. In short, the P1 Aegean GPSf is a dream boat, and because all the dreams cost, its price, with full equipment, reaches 1300 € (+VAT)

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