NEO - R & S

In Aigaio RCB, innovation never ends! Once again, we take the fishing community by storm with our brand new, revolutionary model, NEO-R. The unprecedented design of the rc boat, combined with its low weight, result in the perfect fishing tool for an angler. Six months of strenuous designing and constant field tests allowed us to precure a hull that combines high speed with low power consumption, resulting in impressive autonomy with a single battery charge!

The dynamic and watertight design of the rc boat makes it suitable for extreme weather conditions - even if it is turned upside down by a big wave, it will automatically return to its natural position. The remote control of NEO-R is equipped with a high-tech screen that shows, amongst other useful information, the error rate of the range between the user and the boat, providing an extra layer of safety against out-of-range incidents. NEO-R is also equipped with a loss-prevention system (FAIL SAFE), which will automatically stop the boat’s motor and keep the fishing line/braid from releasing, if the boat gets out of range. In that case, the angler will be able to pull the boat back to the shore using the attached line/braid, or regain the control of the boat by getting his remote control back in range.

While designing NEO-R, we strived to manufacture the perfect fishing tool. An RC boat that would inspire a user, assist him in the most complicated situations, provide him with trust, but above all else, an RC boat that wouldn’t need maintenance, even after operating it for hundreds of hours.After field testing every suitable motor engine in the market, combined with the feedback we have received from our clients, we decided to equip our new, cutting-edge rc boats with brushless motors by none other than SUNNYSKY, one of the best manufacturers of brushless outrunner motors in the world. Our SUNNYSKY motors are high torqued with a maximum power of 1200w, and they are simultaneously both water and air-cooled. That provides the user with non-stop action without need of maintenance, low temperatures, and low battery consumption. But a good motor is of little use without a suitable and equally functional speed controller - and that’s where our FLYCOLOR, 80A water cooled speed controls come into play! Finally, NEO-R is equipped with a plastic or metallic three-blade propeller which in turn is protected by a (stainless steel) wire mesh casing, safe-guarding it from all kinds of litter.

Our RC boats are equipped with LiPO (Lithium Polymer) batteries, which incorporate low weight and long-duration energy storage. That, combined with the aforementioned speed-controllers, will allow the user to cast up to 15 different baits, up to 300m distance each, with a single charge of the battery!











Length 90cm


Height 28cm

Weight 4.5 kg

Motor SUNNYSKY  Brushless, 1200 watt (1600 watt model S)

speed controller 80A FLYCOLOR

Battery LiPo 10.000mAh (3s) 4s 25C

Radio FlySky i6 + IA6B


Rc Range 600+ m

Waterproof 100%

Navigation lights LED

Max speed 10+ knots

Operation time 30- 40 min at max speed 

RC hook release system

LiPo charger 4s 3Amp