P3 Aegean GPSf


New P3 Aegean GPSf is the "tool" that will make you winner in every battle on the sea! The improved hull allows us to use it under any weather conditions without the fear of rside slipping, as in this case the boat returns to its normal position.

After testing hundreds of hours with a lot off motors  and in cooperation with many owners of the particular boat, we came to the conclusion that P3 Aegean GPSf must be a "tool"! A tool that will inspire confidence, a tool that will not need any service, a tool that even after hundreds of hours of operation! So at AIGAIO RCB we have diside and equipped the new improved boat with two types of motor,  the first one is a brushed motor with very high torque with 450w of power and 2nd is a brushless motor with 1200watt of power! This allows us to choose between a high-torque (450 Watt - brushed) and three-phase 1200watt brushless motor.  


Boat hull is made by fiberglass with more reinforcement to its vulnerabilities, providing great resistance from hits on rock, stone, etc. The metals those we used in the construction of the boat and all screws are made of stainless steel, aluminum and brass providing a great long life and great resistance to the salt of the sea.

The propeller is plastic or metal and is covered with stainless net providing the greatest possible protection against any materials that will be on boat route . After constantly being informed by the RC manufacturers, we equip our boats with last generation RC which offer a range of more than 600 meters and a zero radio interference risk since they are 100% digital broadcast. Also on remote control screen we can see the battery voltage of the boat and the RC range!

The batteries of our boats are LiPo technology, which combined with their low weight, long duration and the digital speed controller are the key to the great autonomy of the boat, allowing the fisherman to carry up of 15 baits to 300 meters with one battery charge. But what makes all our models stand out from the rest of the market is the new GPSF multiple control unit. This particular unit was developed in 2012 by AIGAIO RCB, it is 100% Greek and we continue to improve it until today! The GPSF digital control unit offers ultimate safety against the loss of the boat. The new unit is the standard equipment of our boats and it has the following capabilities: It supervises the signal loss of RC and in the case of lost RC signal or out of range, the unit takes control of the boat and automatically unlocks the fishing line with the bait and returns the boat to the coast without user doing anything.

Also, the new control unit checks every 100ms for the battery condition of the boat. Thus, when the battery is the lower capacity limit, the unit activates the automatic return system and the boat returns itself to the shore, thus avoiding the loss of the boat by low battery voltage. Another important tool is the new LBF * Lights Boat Flash. The LBF *, combined with the GPSF Multiple Control Digital Module, monitors the boat's battery condition and when the battery is less than 50% then the lights on the boat starts to flashing. Thus, the operator, with the LBF, has the absolute control of the battery, knowing even at a great distance from the shore the condition of the boat's battery.

Also, AIGAIO RCB, in collaboration with TOSLON, a pioneer of wireless fish finders and 3D sonars and underwater mapping, now provides the opportunity to acquire, with best prices, the models that you need and go your hobby and your business to highest level. Also, we provide the possibility of sounding, detecting fish, etc., we can also perform bottom mapping in 3D, Data Logging, Sidescan Mosaic, Waypoint Management and many other applications!






Length 98cm

Width 38cm

Height 35cm

Weight 7 kg ( brushed motor)

Weight 6 kg (brushless motor)

DC motor, high torque, 450 watts

Three-Phase - Brushless motor, 800Kv water-cooled, 1200 watts

LiPo battery 10.000mAh 4s

Range of 600+ meters

Stainless steel Propeller Shaft 6mm

stainless steel steering rudder

Waterproof 100%

LED navigation lights controlled by RC

Variable speed 10+ knots

Autonomy up to 15 baits at 300m

Hook release system controlled by RC

Color on customer choice

 GPSF auto-return system

LBF system

4s LiPo charger